Monday, June 27, 2011

Smiles- 1st month

Well, Miss Kenzie Rose is now 5 1/2 weeks old now.  Boy does time fly by!!!!  She is quite the nosy little thing.  Here are a few updates.

*She prefers to be up on your shoulder looking around.
*She is fairly efficient at holding her head up(and has been since birth).
*She has learned to smile when she recognizes someone that she knows. (hasn't done it for a stranger yet)
*She is starting to realize she can make noises other than cry. (cooing)
*She is finally fitting into her newborn clothes. (I think she's about 8lbs now)
*Her daddy's voice calms her down most of the time.
*She has not lost any of her hair, but it is getting lighter.
*Her eyes are still blue and seem to be getting a little lighter blue.
*She loves to sit in her swing.
*She has yet to sleep in her room. (she apparently has a nosy mommy too)
*It takes her 20 minutes of stretching to wake up from a nap. (very cute)
*She's already had several road trips across Texas. (College Station, Port Aransas, and Dallas)
*She still looks like her daddy!!!

Hanging with my Ammie in Corpus Christi. 

First trip to the zoo with BFF Macy(2 days older)

Smiling at Mommy!

Play time!

Chillin with Daddy before he went to Joplin, Mo to help with Disaster Relief. 

Sunday Afternoon Nap with Daddy.