Monday, January 31, 2011

Stage 1 of Nursery


For the past two days my slaves (mom and Brady) have helped me paint Kenzie's room.  It looks fabulous!!!  Brady is ready for me to get lazy again.  He doesn't like me adding things to his list of "to do's".  I will be posting pictures sometime this week.  The chair rails still have to be cut and put up so I will wait until then to post the pictures.  The bottom of the room is a pinkish-purple or berry color with silver glitter in it and the top is white.  Looks super cute! 

As for energy- I'm out of it!  Completely exhausted!  Like I don't even want to take a shower and scrub the paint off myself. (which is by no means easy since I can't even paint my own toenails these days- but i am 25 weeks pregnant)  I could fall asleep right here, right now.  I don't think my boss would appreciate me showing up to work with paint all over my body and on top of my head.  Oh well, I guess I must take my second shower for the day.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

If I had a cat...

this is what I would want it to be like. :-)

material for the crib

Ok I know I promised you guys a picture of the material. This is of the sample I have. Also, we finally picked a "theme" for the room. Bugs... cute bugs though. Found some awesome stuff at IKEA. Love that store! I promise to post before and after pictures and a few progress photos of the nursery as things get done.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I miss

I miss my waist

I put on a cute dress this morning, and I realized that I no longer have one.
The dress looked more like a tent.
I also miss belts- not that I have any, but I kinda wanted to wear one today.

I think I've hit my first nesting phase.  This week all I want to do is clean and organize.  We've sold a few items in our house, and now I want to start working on the nursery.  My dad's parents are coming in town this weekend and my mom, my memaw and I will start painting on Sunday.  I'm so excited!  I just hope I'm able to clean my feet in the shower when I step in paint.  I have no idea what color we're going with yet, but I'll post updated pictures. :-)

Friday, January 21, 2011


Ok Mommas, it's your turn to chime in. Let me know about products that you loved, hated, never used, or even wished you had invested in with your little one.(who may or may not be so little anymore) Any and all advice is welcomed. Just don't be offended if it doesn't get used. :-) Good advice I've heard recently is getting cloth diapers to use as burp rags; putting down an absorbing pad under the baby when she's in the crib- that way if she leaks, so that I don't have to change the sheets every time; and you can never have too many blankets. Let me know if you think of anything. Please share your stories, I love to hear them!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kenzie's first video @ 23weeks

Kenzie at 23weeks and 3 days. I love this girl!!!! 

Special thanks to Jackie and David McGinnis who helped me convert the DVD the midwives gave me into files I could post on the blog. 

Photo 1- My little angel is about to punch me right here. Ah, motherhood! And yes that is her foot in the top left corner. She had just taken it out of her mouth.

Photo 2- Again with the foot. That little stinker! 

And here is what she and I look like from the outside. 

Kenzie @ week 19

I completely forgot to scan and post the pictures from the previous Ultrasound when we found out Kenzie was a girl. Sorry for the delay!

Photo 1- mouth open and she's got her left hand on her forehead. 

Photo 2- teeny, tiny feet

Photo 3- About to start sucking her thumb.

Photo 4- The proof that Kenzie is a Kenzie and not a Kennith! :-)

Friday, January 7, 2011

It's been awhile

Sorry for the lack of postings over the past month.  Life is finally back on a routine.  Christmas was fantastic.  Kenzie has several new outfits. :-) It was nice getting to spend some time with our families.  My cousin Jake proposed to his girlfriend of many year, Michelle, on Christmas Eve.  We are excited to have another addition the family.

As for Mommy to be and Kenzie- I have a little more energy these days. I only nap on the days I work- which is pretty normal for 2 year old teachers. :-) I don't eat all the groceries the second day I buy them. Though I've cut back on my eating, it doesn't get any easier to see my feet. :-) I am now 22 weeks pregnant and waddle. Kenzie is about 1lbs and about 10 inches long. Only 123 days until she is due.

 Miss Kenzie is pretty active. I carry her very, very low most of the time- which makes bending over a little difficult because she doesn't like being squished.  This week she started getting hiccups. Pretty weird feeling. She gets them about 3 times a day right now.  Everything I've read says that it's a good sign. Her lungs are now being used and getting stronger. Right now I'm a little under the weather. I think it's allergies, but I'm not sure. I have sinus issues and a very scratchy throat. Benadryl and Tylenol are my friends.  *Gets a little personal here- I went to get a bra fitting done on Wednesday at Motherhood. I won't tell you what they said but some of the items I walked out with had an E at the end!  I wanted to cry!!!!!!  And I'm not done getting big yet. Sad, sad day. I will try to post a picture of the material we picked out for Kenzie's crib bedding later. My MIL, Glyniss, is making all of her bedding. I'm very excited!!!!