Thursday, February 24, 2011

Updates with lots of pictures

Sorry guys, things have been forgotten about... including the blog.  Plus my camera's batteries seem to have wandered off.  So bare with me, I'll be using photos from my phone. Update- I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant.

So here we go.... 3 weeks ago, my dear friend and bridesmaid, Natalie had her baby girl. Madison Joy Powers.  She is so stinkin cute... I can't wait for Kenzie and Madi to be friends!!!  Here is a picture of Brady with Madi the day after she was born.

Then we skip down to Kenzie's room. I know I promised pictures awhile back, but the phone quality doesn't do it justice.  
First coat of paint. 

Allie(the beagle) is freaking out cause brady is using the saw in the house! She's such a mama's girl! :-)  Brady is cutting the chair rails. 
Cute lamp found at Hobby Lobby, and the chair rail is up now! 

Stamps that I will do above the chair rail. Yes they are Bugs!! 

Miss K's carseat came in yesterday.  Bad picture, I know!  Thank you Nanny for providing a safe place for Kenzie while she's in the car!  I think she's going to like the pink! 

Brady has been on a baking kick for the past few weeks- here are a few of his creations.

Apple Pie with a crumple top. MY FAVORITE DESSERT EVER!!!! 

And finally a week 28 belly picture

Friday, February 11, 2011

Story Time

Wow, I can't believe how fast time is flying by!  When we first found out we were pregnant, my thought was "It's all good, we have just under a year to prepare."  And now I have 13 weeks to go until I meet my "mini me".  She is constantly letting me know she's in there.  You can see her move these days.  In fact, last night we were sitting at the dining room table and she started kicking the right side of my rib cage.  You could see my ribs moving.  Very weird, and very alien-like!  She's almost 2lbs and is measuring around 14".

This week one of my good friends Natalie had her baby girl, Madison.  We went to the hospital the day after she was born to visit.  What a shock!!!  It finally hit me that 3 months from now that will be me in the bed and other people holding my little girl.  I'm sure every soon to be mom goes through these moments as the day nears, but this time it's me.  I know I'm probably being a little emotional, but at least it's better than the angry mood swings that been kicking in lately.  (poor Brady- pray for him. He may need some counseling after this is over)  Last weekend, we went to McKinney Falls with Brandon and Tammy (bro and sis-in-laws).  We've done this before, and ususally Brandon brings his camera and we take a leisurely stroll in between photo ops.  So, of course, I agreed to go.  When we got there, we walked around, and Brandon never took out his camera.  Then they asked if we'd like to go on a trail.  (i'm still thinking he's got the camera in his backpack and thats why he wants to go for a walk. Duh! to take pictures!)  Well, needless to say- I didn't see the 2.8 mile warning sign, nor did I ever see a camera.  I wanted to just lay down and die by the first mile.  The animals need to eat too, right?  I felt bad for making the trip such a drag for everyone.  Every 20 feet, I'd have to stop and take a breather.  Braxton Hicks contractions started kicking in about halfway through the trail.  (I'm totally not ready for labor and delivery)  Plus I was drinking a lot of water and of course there is no Valero with a bathroom in the middle of this trail.  I almost didn't make it, but then we saw cars through the brush.  My pace quickened.  I'm going to survive!  We kept walking, thinking the end of the trail is near, but it wasn't.  Not by a long shot.  When we finally did make it out, but we still had another 3/4 of a mile to walk back to the car.  Not cool!  A few cars drove by and  I milked the poor, exhausted, "I'm having a contraction face" pregnant woman look.  No one stopped to offer me a ride back.  **by the way- if you EVER see that face, and I do mean EVER, you better STOP and offer that woman a ride to China if it's going to make her happy!**  Where was I, oh yes, I'm not going to any state parks until at least September.  :-)

On that note, I am thankful my midwife called in a antibiotic for my allergies that have turned into a sinus infection. :-)  I have that nasty cough again- and nothing makes it better.  Hopefully the antibiotics will help.

Monday, February 7, 2011

registry link

Ok I have pretty much finished with the registry, I think.  I'm sure I'll end up leaving vital items off of it.  I also know I've add things I don't need, but I want, or think I want.  Oh well, Live and Learn, right?  Anyways, you can find it at the link at the bottom.  Gift cards are welcome too! :-)