Friday, December 17, 2010

Miss Kenzie

ok so we have a first name picked out.... Kenzie.  Now comes your part.  I haven't fell in love with a middle name yet.  Give me your suggestions.

Kenzie ________ McDaniel

We've talked about Rose, Renee, and Grace... but I need more options.  HELP!!!!

By the way- she is kicking the heck out of my belly button at the moment.
kinda weird.
the end.

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's a.....

I will try and post the ultrasound photos and the dvd on the blog in a little bit.

Friday, December 10, 2010

BOY OR GIRL- find out on Monday!

Time to place your bets.... On Monday I go back to the midwife to get another big Sonogram!!! We should be able to find out the gender of baby McD at that appointment! (if the baby cooperates... though i've stocked my purse with starburst incentives bc the baby starts moving around when I eat one!)  I'm anxious to not call the baby "baby" anymore, and to decorate the nursery finally!

SO here is the big question I will leave you with... Are we to have a little Brady or a little Brittney?  Camo bb gun or pink bb gun?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Belly pictures from Week 14 and Week 17

Ok, Today I'm offically 17 weeks and 3 days along in the baby making process. I apologize for the lack of photos, but I'm a two year old teacher... and frankly I quite exhausted by the time I get home at 2pm. Here is a picture of the baby bump from week 14

And here is a true belly bump picture I took today 17w3d- will will have to pardon the dirty clothes on the floor.  As you can see... the bending over is getting somewhat difficult.  Also, I started feeling the baby kick this week.  Mostly on my left side down low.  It feels like a tap.  The baby's favorite place to kick is... (drum roll please).... my bladder!  I will have just come back from the bathroom and low and behold, I feel I MUST pee again or I'll wet my pants.  I go try, and of course, nothing happens.  That kid has done it again! Just wait a few years... I'll get my revenge!

I go to the midwife on December 13. We will be getting another Sonogram to find out the gender of baby McD! (only 11 more days)  I'm so excited you guys!!! I think Brady is getting annoyed by my count down. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

baby bump picture- 15 weeks

ok folks... here he/she is!!! It is pretty obvious I am pregnant these days. I no longer have any pre-pregnancy clothes that fit.  It is very sad to put them away for the year. Good news is mom and I went to the midwife on Wednesday, and Baby McD has a very strong heart beat.  I still haven't felt movement though.  I still run to the bathroom at least every other day.  BUT I know that means the baby is still alive and well in me.  It's a very comforting thought.  Our next big Sonogram is scheduled for December 13 at 11am.  We should be able to find out the gender if Baby McD cooperates!  ** we are still debating names. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

13 weeks down- 27 to go!

Well, there isn't much new to report this week, though I am officially in my second trimester! Nothing has changed. Every weekend I try to get off of the dramamine and see how long I can go without getting sick. I usually end up taking it my noon.  Brushing my teeth is the WORST THING IN THE WORLD right now!  I have never had a strong gag reflex... until now.  Now if my toothbrush even touches my tongue, I end up hugging the toilet.  I had to change my morning schedule to accommodate.  I now brush my teeth before breakfast so that I'm not stuck eating two breakfasts in a 30 minute span.  Dramamine does wonders though.  It's been a great friend for the last 7 weeks.

I need to get Brady to take a belly picture for me. It's getting big... quickly.  Some shirts show it more than others, but it's getting pretty obvious now.  Every morning, I look in the mirror and tell Brady it grew an inch last night.  I still don't feel any movements from the baby, even though my mind likes to play tricks on me.  Anyways I'm on week 13 right now. I'll be 14 weeks on Tuesday. Next Dr appt is Nov 17.  We should find out the sex of the baby right before Christmas.  :-)

Right now Baby McD is
3 inches
Height of your baby
¾-1¼ ounces
Weight of your baby
Size of your baby

Friday, October 29, 2010

Loving my Child

I'm starting to feel a lot better these days.  Still very tired and my back aches all the time. (but that would happen with anyone who picks up two year olds for a living)  Lately,  my emotions get the best of me.  A sad song, a cute song, songs about growing up, tv shows with a bonding parent/kid scene, and hearing cute stories from friends.. I cry over everything.  I've had several friends from my past have babies this past month.  I've also know several people who lost a child due to miscarriage and complications at delivery.  It's hard seeing people go through this.  My heart truly breaks for them!

We went to the midwife last week. She asked us whether we wanted to do some tests to see if our child has downs syndrome or other defects and abnormalities.  Some like to know so they can terminate early if they something that isn't "normal".  I am so blessed to have a husband that agrees with me on this situation. We turned down the tests and told our midwife that we would love our child no matter how God created him or her.  Even though I know the chances are still there that something could happen or that there could be complications, God has given me a peace in my heart about this child.  I know He has big plans for him/her.  My prayer is that I will be willing to let God lead my life in a way that my child will know that his/her parents love God with all their heart and that they too will learn to love God and follow Him.

Random Pregnancy Fact- My feet are almost a 1/2 size bigger than they were 3 months ago. I haven't bought any new shoes yet, but all of my shoes are getting tight.  :-(

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby McDaniel's 1st photo shoot!

Well, I went back to the doctor this week. We FINALLY got our big sonogram! (which is a very awkward thing at this early stage in the pregnancy)  I was told by friend to eat a candy bar before I get the sonogram done to help to baby be active during the sonogram. Instead I ate starbursts. (which I already live on) That baby was moving all over the place. Kicking, flipping, flopping... it was so incredibly cute! Then we got to hear the heart beat. Myth is if the heart beat is over 180 then it's a girl. Ours was 188. Again I'm still convinced it's a girl. Nothing has been normal in the pregnancy so far... so that's why i think it's a girl. "she" wants it to be "her" way! That's my theory.  And the fact that Brady and I can't agree on ANY boy names at all.

Ok, ok, ok... I'll post the pictures now!  By the way, baby's size was about a week behind what "she" should be. Midwife is not alarmed because the heart beat and movement is strong.

This 1st one you can see "her" leg is up and "her" foot is near "her" mouth. Look at that cute little nose!

These last two you can see the spine and teeth that just began to form.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Midwife appointment

Update on my doctor appointment that I went to on Wednesday:

*I got to see a small ultrasound of the baby. Other that the fact that it looks like a blob, the baby is in my uterus(not ectopic) and the heart was beating. (we didn't get to hear it though)
*I still don't know if there is more than one in me. (Brady side of the family have a few sets of twins)
*I didn't get any pictures
*My midwife will show me some stretches that will help prevent having a c-section! YAY!
*I had to get blood work done. The man only had to prick me once... which NEVER happens.

I will be going back on October 20th to get the results of the bloodwork and have a learning session.  We will have the BIG sonogram at that appointment.

Things I learned: Don't have Brady hold my pants down when having an ultrasound. As soon as it was over, the midwife say "let me get a rag to clean up the gel." Brady  then proceeds to let go of my pants.  By the way... sticky maternity pants aren't fun!

The changes I've noticed about me
*Pregnancy causes really, really bad dreams. I woke up crying around 4am this morning.
*I feel so lazy. This week, my bedtime has been between 7pm-9pm. And I take naps
*I must take a dramamine every morning before I get out of bed.
*Things are growing... that I thought couldn't get any bigger than they already were. YIKES!
*Brady's dress shirts are really comfy to wear around the house.
*I have a strong gag reflex that I didn't used to have. (which means I hate brushing my teeth now)
*I want to purchase every baby thing that I see! (and so does my mother)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Midwife with a Twist

Alright, I've made my decision! I'm switching from my Doctor to a Midwife that will deliver in a hospital (st Lukes' Baptist) and you still have the option for pain meds or epidural.  It's a much lower cost than having a Doctor.  At least, if I need to have a c- section... I'm already at the hospital. Insurance should kick in at that point if I needed to go that route!  I'm really excited that this option is available!  It's less of a stay, and my baby should get to stay with me.  My appointment is now on Wednesday after lunch.  :-)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Pain Free is Out the Door...

Well, I have bad news. As far as I know the baby is fine, but my love for insurance is not. I found out this morning that my insurance will not pay a dime.... unless there are complications with the delivery or baby.  In other words, no maternity.  As much as I've been looking forward to that huge needle in my back pumping me with the "pain go away" cerium (also known as an epidural), I'm now looking at alternatives to delivering in the hospital.  If you know me at all, I'm not one that handles pain well.  I'm all for an easy fix like taking ibuprofen for a headache.  I've always thought birthing centers were for hippies... but now I'm a little more thankful for them.  A natural hospital delivery costs about $10,000 without insurance. There are ways to cut deals like paying cash though. Now midwives and birthing center cost about $2,000- $4,000. WAY better pricing. I'm not sold on it yet. I still have a few other options I'm looking into.  I'll keep you updated whether we're going hippie or not! :-)

I will still keep my appointment on next Monday with my physician.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pregnancy takes its toll

The nausea has arrived.  Not near as bad as some other pregnant women in my life, but it's here!  The smell of food makes me sick, especially meat.  I don't even want to look at it.  It doesn't matter if my belly is full or empty.  I try to know where the bathroom is at all times.  Just in case.  Only 6 more weeks until I'm in my second trimester. (usually the "feel good point") and only 32 weeks until I get to meet my little bundle of joy!  Right now he or she is the size of a blueberry.  We had our church fall festival today.  There were several booths that had little girl bows and hats with huge flowers on them and of course the tutus!  I wanted to buy everything I saw.  No, really... EVERYTHING!!!  Lord, help our bank account once we find out what we're having. (should be sometime around Thanksgiving)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Babysitting Blues

Well, I had my day all planned out, and it was perfectly timed!!

Pick up Asher
go to sprint
go grocery shopping
come home and put away food
make lunch for brady
take it to the jobsite
come home
make lunch for Asher
put Asher down for a nap
while asher is sleeping- clean, call insurance company and find out about opening a HSA, eat lunch, do laundry
When Asher wakes up, go to the library
return a book to an old co-worker
take Asher back to his mom.

Whew... well that would have been my day. When I picked up the little guy, his diaper had soaked through his clothes, and mom didn't have time to give him breakfast. We had to go home to feed him and that's when I realized it was pee on the clothes and not juice. He is now wearing my nieces tshirt. (he's not even 2 years old and my niece is 7 years old) The tshirt is now a dress. I can't possibly bring him out in public with a dress on. He's not a fan of it, but he's so stinkin cute!! So, while his clothes are in the laundry, I'm trying to do the rest of the chores... hopefully I get everything done by the time I drop him off this afternoon. We shall see.

On a side note, last night Brady tried to convince me he should wait a few months before he changes are child's diapers. He says he'll hurt the baby. Considering where the baby comes out of, I don't think you'll hurt him/her.  We went to Babies-R-Us last night. It's amazing how much the markup is on their stuff! Resale shops, here I come! But those size 1 diapers are just so stink cute!! I can't believe I'll be putting those on my little bundle of joy in a few months!!!

ok well, Asher has a stinky diaper... time to go!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Maternity Clothes are from Heaven

Ok, so in the past few weeks I've gained some weight due to being hungry ALL the time. I'm trying to eat healthy but the belly is getting bigger. No Bueno!

I watch a little boy during the week when I'm not in the classroom. Which means I get extra cash. Today I went pants shopping! I've never had this much fun before!!! MATERNITY clothes are amazing!!! They are stretchy, comfy, don't show any butt crack when you bend over, and don't have buttons! I didn't buy the ones with the big belly bands. I'll save that for later. I ended up buying 5 capri pants, 1 dress slacks, and 2 dresses. All for the grand total of under $70! I've already been promised maternity shirts, but I don't need them just yet. I'm so excited!!!! I even walked through the baby section in awe of how tiny the clothes get!!! It's crazy that I'll need those in about 7-8 months from now when our little bundle of joy shows up.

AH, I'm going to be a mommy! My heart is so happy right now!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's Alive!

Well, I figured since our family is so spread out all over Texas, Maryland, and Delaware... I should blog about what is going on in our lives!  So, to start off with, we found out on Sunday that we will need a nursery in our home.  I'M HAVING A BABY!!!!!  I know, crazy huh?  I've always wanted to know what Brady was like as a kid.  I guess I'll find out in 9 months.  From the due date calendars online, it looks like the baby will be born sometime around May 10th. I have a doctor appointment on Oct 4th.

Things I feel:
*HUNGRY- all the time!!! I feel like a hobbit... I want 3rd breakfast,  noonsies, afternoon snack, early dinner, regular dinner and snack before bed. I really can't keep the pantry and fridge stocked long enough to get through the week!!!
*No nausea yet :-)
*potty breaks every 5 minutes. (Brady loves this when we watch movies or during the night)
*Hot flashes-- need i say more?

I can't make any promises, but I am hoping to blog often! And of course, I will add pictures as they come!