Friday, October 29, 2010

Loving my Child

I'm starting to feel a lot better these days.  Still very tired and my back aches all the time. (but that would happen with anyone who picks up two year olds for a living)  Lately,  my emotions get the best of me.  A sad song, a cute song, songs about growing up, tv shows with a bonding parent/kid scene, and hearing cute stories from friends.. I cry over everything.  I've had several friends from my past have babies this past month.  I've also know several people who lost a child due to miscarriage and complications at delivery.  It's hard seeing people go through this.  My heart truly breaks for them!

We went to the midwife last week. She asked us whether we wanted to do some tests to see if our child has downs syndrome or other defects and abnormalities.  Some like to know so they can terminate early if they something that isn't "normal".  I am so blessed to have a husband that agrees with me on this situation. We turned down the tests and told our midwife that we would love our child no matter how God created him or her.  Even though I know the chances are still there that something could happen or that there could be complications, God has given me a peace in my heart about this child.  I know He has big plans for him/her.  My prayer is that I will be willing to let God lead my life in a way that my child will know that his/her parents love God with all their heart and that they too will learn to love God and follow Him.

Random Pregnancy Fact- My feet are almost a 1/2 size bigger than they were 3 months ago. I haven't bought any new shoes yet, but all of my shoes are getting tight.  :-(

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Baby McDaniel's 1st photo shoot!

Well, I went back to the doctor this week. We FINALLY got our big sonogram! (which is a very awkward thing at this early stage in the pregnancy)  I was told by friend to eat a candy bar before I get the sonogram done to help to baby be active during the sonogram. Instead I ate starbursts. (which I already live on) That baby was moving all over the place. Kicking, flipping, flopping... it was so incredibly cute! Then we got to hear the heart beat. Myth is if the heart beat is over 180 then it's a girl. Ours was 188. Again I'm still convinced it's a girl. Nothing has been normal in the pregnancy so far... so that's why i think it's a girl. "she" wants it to be "her" way! That's my theory.  And the fact that Brady and I can't agree on ANY boy names at all.

Ok, ok, ok... I'll post the pictures now!  By the way, baby's size was about a week behind what "she" should be. Midwife is not alarmed because the heart beat and movement is strong.

This 1st one you can see "her" leg is up and "her" foot is near "her" mouth. Look at that cute little nose!

These last two you can see the spine and teeth that just began to form.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Midwife appointment

Update on my doctor appointment that I went to on Wednesday:

*I got to see a small ultrasound of the baby. Other that the fact that it looks like a blob, the baby is in my uterus(not ectopic) and the heart was beating. (we didn't get to hear it though)
*I still don't know if there is more than one in me. (Brady side of the family have a few sets of twins)
*I didn't get any pictures
*My midwife will show me some stretches that will help prevent having a c-section! YAY!
*I had to get blood work done. The man only had to prick me once... which NEVER happens.

I will be going back on October 20th to get the results of the bloodwork and have a learning session.  We will have the BIG sonogram at that appointment.

Things I learned: Don't have Brady hold my pants down when having an ultrasound. As soon as it was over, the midwife say "let me get a rag to clean up the gel." Brady  then proceeds to let go of my pants.  By the way... sticky maternity pants aren't fun!

The changes I've noticed about me
*Pregnancy causes really, really bad dreams. I woke up crying around 4am this morning.
*I feel so lazy. This week, my bedtime has been between 7pm-9pm. And I take naps
*I must take a dramamine every morning before I get out of bed.
*Things are growing... that I thought couldn't get any bigger than they already were. YIKES!
*Brady's dress shirts are really comfy to wear around the house.
*I have a strong gag reflex that I didn't used to have. (which means I hate brushing my teeth now)
*I want to purchase every baby thing that I see! (and so does my mother)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Midwife with a Twist

Alright, I've made my decision! I'm switching from my Doctor to a Midwife that will deliver in a hospital (st Lukes' Baptist) and you still have the option for pain meds or epidural.  It's a much lower cost than having a Doctor.  At least, if I need to have a c- section... I'm already at the hospital. Insurance should kick in at that point if I needed to go that route!  I'm really excited that this option is available!  It's less of a stay, and my baby should get to stay with me.  My appointment is now on Wednesday after lunch.  :-)