Friday, April 29, 2011

38 weeks Pregnant

I can't believe Kenzie is almost here.  Time seems to have flown by this year.  Though lately, each day seems to drag on and on and on.  Yesterday was my last day at work.  It was bittersweet knowing it'll hopefully be years before I return to the classroom.  I am very blessed to be able to stay at home with my kids.

As for updates, Kenzie has not dropped nor does she like to stay in one place.  During the day she likes to be "sunnyside up" or face towards my belly button, and at night she turns her back to my belly button.  The midwifes have not "checked" me yet.  Once we have more signs that the time is near, they will check.  Until then, I will continue to waddle my way through life.  Brady came home last week and found me in the rocking chair in Kenzie's room.  He asked what I was doing and all I said was "waiting".  He thought for a moment and asked what I was waiting for, and my replay was "waiting for my daughter to come home."  All he could do was laugh.  I know it's pathetic, but I'm so ready to hold her.  To see whos nose she's going to have, what color eyes she'll have, if she has hair that I can put bows in or if I'll have to resort to headbands instead.  And of course if she'll have gorilla arms like her father does! :-)  (Love you, Brady)

Anyways, here are the long awaited photos of the belly.  Two weeks left until D-day.  Keep praying I don't go over my due date.  The midwives won't induce until 2 weeks after the due date.

37 weeks and 5 days

38 weeks

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In loving memory...

In loving memory of my dainty, cute feet.  

I have only one pair of shoes that fit my feet anymore.  Everything else either leaves deep impressions(which makes the swelling worse) or just won't allow me to squeeze my feet into.  It's very, very sad.  

Before pregnancy feet
(mine are on the left)

During Pregnancy Feet
apparently my right foot/ankle tends to swell worse than the left. 


As you can see, even the tops of my feet are pretty swollen.  No more cute shoes until I deflate. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Two years ago today, I married my best friend.  God has truly blessed our marriage in ways I never expected.  I love Brady more now than I did the day we got married.  In the beginning, people would tell us that the first year is the hardest.  If that is true, then the next 50 years should be a breeze!  So far, being married to Brady has been easy and lots of fun!  (minus the whole living with a guy part- since we all know men can do some weird and/or gross things in his own home) Don't get me wrong, we do still have our arguments and life isn't always rainbows and bunnies.(we are still human)  But we have God on our side!

This past year we have...
*celebrated our anniversary by going to an adult "prom"- April
*got another dog, Lexy, because I started talking about babies- April
*renovated our front yard- May
*I turned 22- May
*Brady turned 28- June
*I quit my job as a dental assistant- June
*I spent a week at a camp for kids in the foster care system in San Antonio (royal family kids camp)- June
*traveled to Maryland/DC to visit Brady's sister's family and my brother who is a marine- July
*started working at our church's Mothers Day Out program.  I'm a two year old teacher- August
*found out we are pregnant- September
*dealt with first trimester. Brady did amazing! -Sept-Nov
*It's a GIRL!!!! -December
*decided on a name for our little princess "Kenzie Rose McDaniel"-February
*took a couples childbirth class (4 weeks long) Brady now knows how take naps while I'm in labor-March

And now it's April 24th and I'm 2 weeks and 5 days away from our due date.  We have no plans for Easter/anniversary and I no longer have ankles.

Friday, April 15, 2011

4 weeks left

Disclaimer:  If you are looking for a happy blog... this is not the post for you.  

Today is Friday and that means I have exactly 28 days until my due date. Or 672 hours left-  Which ever way you want to look at it.  Neither seem to sound like the time is going to fly by any faster.  I will NOT pray for patience though.  God will probably choose to allow Kenzie to stay cozy for an extra 2 weeks, and that just cannot happen.  I want to cry just thinking about it. 

So here is the update.  
1. I waddle everywhere I go.  I have two speeds- penguin waddle(to only be used when rushing to the bathroom), and turtle waddle (used all the other times). 
2.  Kenzie is still head down with her feet in my ribs.  My midwife says she's already really low, but I haven't had an internal exam yet, so I have nothing to report on that issue. She is currently "sunny side up" (facing the wrong direction) though.  I'm doing some stretches to encourage her to turn her back towards my belly. 
3. I am having really bad sciatic nerve pain.  Nothing seems to help except for sitting around and doing nothing all day.  (which is impossible when you work with 2 year olds)  This will probably get better if miss Kenzie will turn around.  
4. We graduated our childbirth class- so brady hopefully listened and learned a few things. :-)  He says he would be able to deliver her at home, as long as someone can bring him hot water.  I asked what the hot water was for... and he said "I don't know but it's what they always yell in the movies."  Thank you Lord for cell phones to call 911.  I'm not sure I'd survive it were up to my husband.  
5. As for the nursery, things are looking great.  I'm still waiting for Brady to make the shelf  that will go in the closet, and the wall shelf that will hang above the changing table.  
6. I have yet to pack my hospital bag, but I have several lists made of things that need to be packed.  

Hmm.... what else has been going on?

7.Don't let any dentists read this- I'm obsessed with eating ice!!!!  It's absolutely amazing and delicious!!!!  I know how horrible it is for my teeth, but I don't really care.  
8. My new crocs came in last week.  They help with the back pain.  They are very comfy, but I'd still like to get a pedicure.  :-) 
9. Our yard is a work in progress.  I hope it will be looking better by Monday so I can plant some of the veggies and herbs that we bought several weeks ago.  10.  Brady's buisness is going very well these days.  He currently has 2 employees, and will probably hire another one by summer.  God is truly providing. 

11. Sorry I have to write this, but I'm ready for my daughter to be out of my ribs, and in my arms!!!  I had a very easy pregnancy, and have loved most of it, but I'm ready to have some control over my body again.  Plus I really want to meet Kenzie.  Brady's mom and grandmother are visiting my sister-in-law and her family right now.  They don't get back from Maryland until April 26th.  I love them dearly, but I'm not sure I want to wait for them to get back to get this show on the road!  Going to the due date seems highly over rated. lol 
12.  My moods are turning bipolar by the day....  keep Brady in your prayers.  Most of the time I feel like I'm in a "funk" I guess you could call it.  I feel like I have no life these days.  All I ever do is sit on the couch in an empty house.  I don't know when the last time I went out for fun with someone other than Brady.  I know there isn't a lot I can do these days, but I'd still like to try.  Ok enough of my moody "funk". 

PS: Kenzie is currently 5 1/2 lbs as of 4/12/11.