Wednesday, March 23, 2011

starting to look more like a nursery

Kenzie is going to be one of the most spoiled little girls around!!!!!

Glyniss(MIL) brought over a few of the bedding set items the other day... and it's AMAZING!!!!
So here are a few pictures of what we have so far.

Item #1 The Changing Table Pad- complete with a flower on top of the velcro strap.

Item #2 The Important Items Holder (I'm not creative in naming things, sorry)-- Little pockets lining the front, some big, some small... perfect for things like the booger bulb, butt paste, lotion and anything else I can't think of, but will need on a daily basis. I reminds me of the advent calenders you see around Christmas time. (mine had a mouse that would move in the middle of the night and would have a candy present waiting for me when I got up in the morning.) 

Item #3 The Diaper Stacker-- OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!   Inspiration was "I'm a sucker for ruffles on the butt." said by me of course.  I think I'm going to have Glyniss make some pants with the ruffles all the way down the leg for Kenzie to wear.  This just happens to be my single favorite item in the whole nursery!

And the last is something I created.  I am not a seamstress, nor do I have a mind that can come up with original crafts, but I do try, sometimes. So here goes...

Item #4 Clothes Dividers for the closet- Kenzie has lots and lots of clothes and I'm trying to come up with a way of keeping them organized.  I found some colorful foam and I used the acrylic paint we had left over from the wall stamps, and went to work. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Belly picture almost 32 weeks

ok here she is.... 8 weeks and 2 days until due date!

Nursery Updates

I have an AMAZING mother in law!!!!!  Glyniss came over and helped me stamp the bugs on Kenzie's walls. It turned out so stinkin cute!!!  Now I need to start hanging stuff on the walls.  Only 56 more days until she is due to arrive.  I can't believe how quick time is flying by! 
the bugs are the colors of her bedding material. 

Monday, March 14, 2011

8.5 weeks to go

Today I had a midwife appointment.  Everything is looking great.  I'm currently 31 1/2 weeks pregnant, and Miss Kenzie is head down and feet in my lungs.  Now we just have to wait.  I'm feeling great these days.  I have more energy than I thought I would.  Sleep is a different story.  Some nights are better than others, but it's getting harder for me to find a comfortable position.  Poor Brady deals with my random screams in the night whenever I get a leg cramp- he usually thinks I'm in labor.  He's getting good at helping pull my toes towards my leg so the cramp will go away though.

As for other random updates:
*I have my first shower in Houston this weekend.  I'm very excited to see all the "girls" in my family!!!
*Also, I prepaid for the hospital stay today.  The man helping me said I have good timing because a few weeks from now, the hospital bill goes up $1000.  Luckily, I've already signed the contract and am ready to go.  God is good!!!!!!
*Tonight is our 2nd Childbirth class.  It's very educational.  Brady wasn't too thrilled with some of the video's content. :-)  He also fell asleep during the breathing exercises last week.  I guess the relaxation techniques worked.
*And finally I'm on SPRING BREAK!!!!! It's my first spring break since high school, and I'm 8.5 weeks away from having a baby.  My options are limited.  I will, however, stamp the walls in Kenzie's room on Wednesday. Glyniss (my MIL) will be coming over to help me that day.  Hopefully we can get it all done.